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Multi-Way Tapis

Multi-Way Tapis


In the Philippines; Tapis refers to a single piece of cloth one wraps around oneself as clothing. This muli-way tapis can be worn as a bandana, scarf, top, or skirt — endless possibilities just with a bit of creativity. 


What makes this piece remarkable is its dye — Sapang. Sibukaw o Sappan wood is used in medicinal practices and traditional dyeing by the Itneg community in Abra. We have very limited barks and trees in circulation so we've been wary of its use in our pieces. This just makes each piece extra special ~ something to treasure for years to come !! <3


Very limited pieces, all on hand — one production run only.


Keanne and Meg are both wearing the small. <3




  • Campaign Info


    Nature stitches our souls back together ~

    This collection stems from a place of seeking refuge within ourselves and finding that solace in nature. They represent the raw journey of healing and self-discovery, where we can unearth (or cultivate??) the strength to make a positive change for ourselves and the world around us.


    These pieces are an invitation to find hope and compassion in the process of repair;


    To ultimately trust that you will heal.

  • Size Guide

    Multi-way Tapis is Sappang

    measured flat from seam to seam

    inches length width
    small 12  48
    large 14 48



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