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Kalachuchi Sago

Kalachuchi Sago


It's a fun take to the gentle Kalachuchi design, we made use of genuine leather scraps and embedded  them with sago / bobba looking wooden beads from Tabaco, Bicol.


It's a little more expressive and has more character for those looking for a fun update to their Kalachuchis !! <3

Expect to ship within 3 (Target Delivery May 25th // 8 slots)
  • Campaign Info

     Nature stitches our souls back together ~

  • Pahintulot

    We've transitioned from using vegan leather to genuine leather sourced locally from Bulacan as byproducts. This decision was made recognizing that genuine leather provides superior quality and lifespan compared to vegan leather, which often contains plastic components. By choosing genuine leather, we not only prioritize durability but also align with our commitment to sustainability by utilizing materials with minimal environmental impact.

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