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Munimuni is born out of the genuine intent to consume consciously in today’s fast retail world. “Munimuni”, meaning to reflect or ponder in Filipino, is an ode to our commitment to use ethical practices and provide opportunities to local artisan communities in the Philippines. We want to create a space where makers and artists thrive—a space where good design and quality meet responsible practices.

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what we're trying to do

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what we're trying to preserve


what we're striving for

We are very passionate about providing opportunities to the members of the country’s rural communities. We work with mostly women and we support them with a sustainable income. We are also in constant search of more communities in the Philippines to work and collaborate with.

We subscribe to Fair Trade's principles of fair payment, opportunities for the disadvantaged, good working conditions, and transparency.

​All our products are handmade using traditional techniques that have been passed on to several generations of Filipinos. We take our time to make each product so that each bears the mark of the individual artist.

We strive to produce with intent so we only produce in small batches, employing  sustainable materials, and  designing our products to stand the test of time. We also offer free repair services for existing clients.

We're still learning as we go, but the goal will always be to protect our planet and our people.

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