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Pagsibol Features: Sammy Shah

A fellow Earth-lover, Sammy @sammyshah shares her heart and her vibrant energy through her brand, @sunnysixactive.

She shares her current routine, what keeps her creative and what gives her inspiration

What does your stay-at-home life look like right now?

I usually wake up at 9am, unless my dogs wake me up earlier. The f irst thing I do in the morning is play music to wake my mind and body up. I can’t function until I f ix my bed and make myself a cup of coffee. Throughout the day, I work on Sunnysix with my sister or attend online classes. Since I spend the majority of my day sitting down and staring at my laptop, I look for ways to get my body movingeither a quick workout or going to the driving range. Oh, and I spend a perfectly normal amount of time with my dogs (*wink wink*). I usually end my day by watching shows or listening to music until I fall asleep.

Given how the landscape of mobility and travel have changed due to the pandemic, how do you f ind creative inspiration?

I make it a point to take good care of my mind, body, and soul as it helps keep me energized and inspired. I do this through movement, music, and of course, mother nature.

  • On movement: I don’t consider myself a very athletic person, but I make sure to carve some time out of my day to get my body moving and boost my endorphins! I always feel a little more productive afterwards.

  • On music: I f ind that playing music keeps me in a good state of mind— whether I’m working, exercising, or doing absolutely nothing. I’m never not listening to music, I think.

  • On mother nature: Spending time in nature allows me to center myself; a reminder to slow down when needed and to not sweat the little things. I’m in an extra good mood when it’s sunny outside!

What’s your process on learning something new?

● When my sister and I started Sunnysix, we pretty much just learned as we were going. We realized that the only way to learn is to not be afraid to make mistakes— experience truly is the best teacher. It’s important to do your research and plan things out, but also to allow yourself to play and have fun with it!

● I also remind myself to look back and acknowledge all the progress we've made, no matter how big or small! Progress over perfection, always.

What self-care practices or rituals do you do when you need a boost?

● It’s so important to f ind what self-care practices or rituals work for you. It’s different for everyone!

● During the day, I like going for a swim and simply appreciating the nature around me. It helps me clear my mind and stay present. Spending some time under the sun gives my mind and body that much needed boost!

● At night, I like lighting a candle to set the mood, cuddling with my dogs, eating all the junk food my heart desires, and playing reaaaaally loud music!


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