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We all know it — the muse, the inspiration. What do we do when it comes? We let it flow through us. We are all streams of consciousness, interconnected somehow.

Agos is a reminder to let go once in a while, let the universe take its course. Flow and move, let inspiration guide you.

We are powerful beings and oftentimes we get in our own paths by resisting life's natural stream. Controlling the outcomes and swimming upwards instead of meeting life as it is. Drop in with yourself and embrace the feelings of right now without the illusion of control. May we experience a larger presence in the unknown. Invite the gift of the present and let the miracles flood in.

Surrendering is the absence of resistance. It is safe to let go.

More about the Collection

Natural dyes

Liwayway: sapang bark and lagundi leaves overdye, print and colors reflect sunrise
Agos print: sapang with resist to exemplify waves and flow

Bulaklak: pounded local wild flowers like hibiscus, cosmos, etc.

Let it flow through you. Step back and let it consume you.


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