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Pagsibol Features: Leila Alcasid

For the last leg of our collaboration series, we spoke with a real life earth angel, Leila Alcasid, whose warmth radiates beyond her music.

Read her take on Mindset, Growth and Creative Process.

What does your stay-at-home life look like right now? It’s a whole lot of study with puppy time in between, with my two dogs. I love to cook and experiment with meals, and spend time with Mito!

What's your process on learning something new?

I like to jump in right away and explore/experiment. I’m not always one to read instructions or take it slow when learning something new (a downfall at times), but also love having someone to guide me and give me insight. I love being able to acquire new skills, so school has given me a wonderful platform for that.

What are your self-care practices or rituals?

I love to cook meals that nourish and soothe the body, and I f ind that always gives me the nicest kind of boost. I enjoy tending to my plants, giving my pups treats, anything that brings me little bursts of joy!

What would you tell your younger self?

Pay attention to what you really love to do, and pursue that. Nurture the things that make your soul happy, and don’t mind what others are doing.

What habits are you most proud of?

I’ve been a lot nicer to myself lately, and I see this as a habit because it’s something I need to be mindful of and remind myself about constantly.


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