FINN Palo Santo Beeswax Candle


FINN Palo Santo Beeswax Candle

  • Palo Santo Beeswax Candle with Black Tourmaline Crystal in Glass 180ml

    Finn's beeswax candles are made of locally sourced beeswax, locally sourced cold pressed virgin coconut oil, and pure essential oils in glass vessel with cleansed crystals.

    Some people use palo santo to cleanse themselves after a challenging day at work or even at home. Letting go of unwanted things energetically, it makes one feel grounded and relaxed. We partnered this scent with cleansed black tourmaline crystals as it is known to purfiy the soul, provide protection, and eliminate negative energy.

    Each glass contains 180ml and burns up to 18 � 20 hours.