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Avoid exposure to abrasive surfaces to prevent pulls or tears in the fibers / fabric

Avoid long exposure to wet surfaces. Make sure to air dry them immediately after being soaked in water.

Store properly after use



Wash Instructions

Use a piece of smooth, soft fabric, mild soap and cool water to clean the surface

Air dry immediately after washing, and avoid soaking the soles in water. After drying, use a smooth solid object (i.e. stone / metal) to flatten the fibers, by rubbing it carefully on the surface.


Another option: use a lighter or any alcohol based fire, then very lightly brush the fire onto the stray fibers. Please do this with caution.

Note: The natural fibers will age overtime and adapt different colors and/or textures. This is normal, and it's part of its beauty 


In our mission to prolong the life of your Munimuni pieces, we gladly offer repair services on a case to case basis. Go to to know more

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